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Stink It Up

Stink It Up is a thought-provoking satire, with an inspirational twist. Picture in your mind the comedic way in which a skunk and an owl might perceive the social and political wranglings of uptighters (the humans). Punksmeller and Hornowlette, a lowearther and midearther, delve into the mysterious ways of the uptighters. As they closely look at the lives of these strange and bewildering creatures, they have a revelation that seems to confound both of them.

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Twisted Wolf

Twisted Wolf is a story that twists through the life of Josh Davis as he goes from war hero to political strategist to president of the US. Facing temptations and struggling with faith, Josh Davis is presented as a guy we can all relate to who wants to do something great with his life but gets in his own way. With a parallel to the Bible story of David and Bathsheba, this modern-day story takes you onto the battlefield, behind closed doors at the White House, and in the courtroom before the eyes