Accurate & Affordable Proofreading & Editing Services

Did you know that 92% of people will instantly stop reading your article when they see a spelling or grammar mistake?

That's why we work hard to make sure your document or article is perfect. With over 25 years of proofreading and editing experience, we can spot mistakes that many proofreaders would miss. We guarantee that you'll be happy with our service the first time!

Order now! For just $5 per 1000 words, you will get a fully professional proofreading and editing service.

Affordable and Accurate Proofreading Services

  • 24-hour turnaround guaranteed (24 hours per 1000 words).

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence flow corrections made.

  • Microsoft Track Changes used as standard.

  • Novels, eBooks, articles, essays, blog posts, websites, business plans, etc.

Do you have more than 1000 words? Simply order one (1) job for every 1000 words you have!

Do you have 10,000 words or more? See our discounts for 10,000 words and up by pulling down the "Number of Words" menu below.

Please note that the maximum amount of words that can be turned around within 24 hours is 1000. Please use the CONTACT US form at the bottom of this page if you have more and/or need it faster. No porn or graphic sexual content.

Number of Words

Once you place your order, you can send us an email at to share your Google Doc with us. You can also email it as an attachment, we will load it into Google Docs and do our edits there.