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Toxic Distortions

This novel takes the reader breathlessly from extraordinary revelation to nail-biting resolution.The year is 1965.London, Dr. Michael Turner receives a lawyer's letter. Misty photographs - a three-year-old boy with long blond hair. A teenage girl full of sensuality, full of hope. A woman in her twenties, faded dress, slim frame, hollow cheeks, painful rictus grin, haunted eyes. Michael is drawn inexorably into an ancient nightmare. The stench of potato-sacks, the perfume of almonds and cinnamon...



If I Only Knew

This is the last installment in the series, A Letter to My Mother. Beverly wrote an initial letter to her mother. A response from the mother was warranted and Mom in the story had a tremendous response. The father responded as well. Beverly considered whether she would say anything else after receiving their letters. She decided to write one last letter. This is it...