We are the happiest when our authors are happy! Thank you for the feedback you give us and we would like to share the great things our clients say about ContentMo! 

"Thanks for offering this $5 a month promotion--I already have one book up on your site with the $5 promotion, and I have definitely noticed an increase in sales." - Robert Trainor, Author

Hi everyone! Jodie Rose here. I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I liked the $5/mo subscription from Mo Content. We signed up in May and ultimately decided to do one more month. We got almost 100 downloads on our free short story, Spellbound, and we got almost 120 followers on Twitter. I run multiple businesses and it's hard for me to keep up with Twitter, so for me, I REALLY loved how many tweets were being sent out per day. It's excellent for someone like me who 1.) doesn't have the time for another social media platform or 2.) doesn't entirely grasp Twitter. Mo's prices are fair and I would certainly do another special with them again.  ~ Jodie Rose, Author

I took out a promotion on ContentMo as a trial, having seen a couple of reviews about their service. My book was paid and so the ContentMo team pushed its availability on Kindle Unlimited. The results have been excellent. On Day 1, I saw the number of pages read double the average of the last 10 days. On Day 2, the trailing average was trebled. Day 3 is 6x average. This sounds staged, but it's as accurate as KDP will let any Amazon sales be.

My background is in online advertising, and I would kill for this type of ROI on all of my campaigns. Well worth the money. Well done to the ContentMo team!

JB Lucas


Brilliant, and thank you so much, and thanks for what you do for indie authors! :)) TK

Your 30 days promo was a great value. It gave me extended exposure for my book. Just what I needed! JKR

Thank you ContentMo, you delivered as promised. I'll be back! S.M.

WOW! Great price, my book got out there and I'm satisfied! Thank you! AF

I thank you for promoting my book. I will send other people your way for your services. You do a good job! Shelby Londyn-Heath

Brilliant, and very happy with the downloads. You offer a great service for indie writers. Thank you! T.K

Thanks for the great service you provide for writers!

....thanks...last time I listed only with you and sold a lot of books...will put the word out.. Robert K Swisher

This is great news! The promotion went really well, so hope there'll be lots of happy readers. Many thanks. Dawn Marshallay

I want to thank you and thank you again for featuring my children's book ... at the TOP of your free ebooks page ... My promotion was for 5 days, with yesterday being the last. On Sunday, I had "sold" 550 free books mid-afternoon. By yesterday at midnight, the number was up to 2,660. I believe the majority of that was from ContentMo's placement.  I cannot thank you enough. Claire Ortalda Author, The Stair in the Wall: A 'Love You As You Are' Children's Book