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Why didn't I get a confirmation email or see my book on one of the days I requested?

Each time a book is published on our Free eBooks Blog, we send an email confirmation (either the day before or the same day it will appear) to the email address you gave us.

If you don't get a confirmation email, that means your ebook did not appear.


1. A "disposable" email address or an otherwise invalid email address was submitted with the original request.

2. You reached the limit of two free requests per month. If you need more than two free promos in the same month, please purchase a plan.

3. Instead of a book title, a whole paragraph was inserted in the title field.

4. The book was erotica or had blatant sexual or disturbing images on the book cover. Or the book title is inflammatory, offensive, or radical.

5. The entry was for dates more than 60 days in the future. 

6. You unsubscribed to our mailing list. We can’t confirm your book posting if we can’t email you.

7. It happens rarely, but sometimes we are inundated with requests for one day and once the requests reach a certain limit, it is closed to additional requests. 

8. There either was a bad link, an invalid date, or a URL not found that you submitted.