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Pinterest is often misunderstood social networking site that launched in March 2010 and is still growing strong. It’s a visual search engine β€” a catalog of images and ideas which inspire us when it comes to everything from food and books to crafts and household cleaning hacks.

Anyone β€” brands, authors, publishing companies and bloggers β€” who have something to teach or want to share info to motivate and inspire others others can find HUGE success on Pinterest.

ContentMo had more than 86,000 Monthly Impressions, and more than 69,000 page views last month!

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Getting Your Books on Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic site for growth, but it’s also a time-consuming. If you want to reap the rewards of Pinterest traffic, but don't want to spend tons of hours pinning, you can outsource this work to ContentMo!

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$30 for 30 Days of Pins!

For only $1 a day, ContentMo will pin your book to our highly viewed boards!

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