ContentMo FAQ

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Ordering Information

Does my book have to have a `special price' for a promo?

That depends on the plan.

  • For the Kindle Unlimited plan, your book would have to be Kindle Unlimited.

  • For the 99c Book Plans, your book would have to be 99c during the time of the promotion.

  • For all our other plans, your book can be any price.

What if I don't have PayPal to make a payment?

You don’t need to have a Paypal account.

Once you click on the Paypal button, you will be given the options to pay by credit card or check.

Please go here for more info:

Use the Contact Us form at the bottom for any questions.

What happens after I make my PayPal payment?

You will be redirected to a form to fill out your book order details.

Once you have made your payment, PayPal automatically directs you to the ContentMo book submission page of the plan you chose. There, you'll enter all the details about your book.

If you should accidentally close the page while you're submitting, use the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the page, and we'll resend you a page link to the form.

Once we receive your order, you'll get a confirmation email from us with the details of your promotion within 24-48 hours.

Why do we ask for your PayPal name address on the submission form?

We need your PayPal name or email address to match up your payment with your order submission.

If you provide us with a different contact email address on your submission form, we use that going forward to email you.

social media

You have lots of Twitter followers. are they real?

Our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and Tumblr accounts are 100% totally organic. We've never used bots or bought followers and WE NEVER WILL.

Our social media following has been organically built over the years due to our hard work to cultivate a relevant audience. Our followers join us because they're interested in books, writing and publishing and other similar topics. Take a look at the volume of interaction that happens on our social media accounts. We're liked, shared and retweeted all day long.

Can ContentMo help me with my own Twitter feed?

Yes, we can! We offer any type of small business a custom social media service where we build YOUR Twitter feed organically.

ContentMo Blogs

Does ContentMo have different specialized blogs?

Yes, we have many different specialized blogs. You can see them by going to our SITE MAP or our Main Blog Page.

Listing Policies

What is your Erotic Book Policy?

Please note that we do promote erotic books but cannot accept books with explicit cover images, or book descriptions containing offensive language. Books that are to be listed under our Erotica genre must have book covers and book descriptions that are suitable for a general audience.

If you are unsure, please contact us (using the form at the bottom of the page) before paying for your submission, with any questions you may have regarding your book’s acceptability. We'll reply to you via email.

What is your book acceptability policy?

ContentMo reserves the right to reject any free or paid book submission based on our requirements. Generally speaking, we won't accept submissions that can be deemed offensive to our readers such as hate speech, violence targeted towards specific persons or groups, or discriminatory topics. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page if you want to check your submission with us before payment. We'll reply to you via email.


How can I check ON my book being promoted on twitter?

The best way to follow your book’s promotion on social media is to use Twitter Advanced Search. Search by using the book title, and specify the Twitter account, such as @4FreeEbooks

How to Find Your Tweets (Updated 5/31/2019)

Twitter has put in place many regulations over the last few years about duplicate or similar content. Multiple tweets are posted by ContentMo each day for different books. Some of our clients have as many as 16 tweets a day going out for the same book.

To preserve our excellent reputation on Twitter, while meeting the needs of our clients, we use a service provider that retweets many of our similar tweets. We make sure each tweet that goes out the same day is unique, but some things you cannot change (like a book title or author name). Our service provider retweeting our scheduled tweets is one way ContentMo complies with Twitter's regulations.

The Caveat: Twitter does not time stamp the retweets at the time and date of the actual retweet, but rather stamps it with the original tweet time and date. This may cause confusion, because it makes it difficult to figure out when the tweets were actually posted. So, we at ContentMo decided to use markers.

As of June 1, 2019:

To this end, ContentMo uses another service that send out markers. The markers are “writer inspirational quotes” that post every hour, on the hour. Each marker post has the time and date stamp of the time it actually posts - no retweets. This makes it much easier to see what tweets and retweets were posted in a particular hour.

For example, any retweets between marker posts 9AM and 10AM were posted within that hour regardless of the time and date stamp Twitter shows.

If you need further assistance in finding your tweets, use the Contact Us form below, and we'll send you the times and Twitter accounts where your tweets post. You can then check the feeds at those times, or look them up afterwards using our "quotes" markers as guides to the times of our posts.

Please Contact Us if you require further assistance in these matters. Thank you for using ContentMo!

Does ContentMo have more than one Twitter account?

Yes, we do! You can see our list of accounts on Twitter or use these handles to see our thousands of followers:



@Bizmarketplace (for business books only)



Your blog post will appear on the 1st day of the promotion period. Check the appropriate blog for your listing.

Where do we post on Facebook?

We find that Facebook Groups for Authors & Readers reach the greatest number of people. At last count, there were almost 1,500,000 group members combined!

CLICK HERE to see the Facebook Reader Groups where we post our authors regularly.


Common Questions We're Asked


How long has ContentMo been in business?

We've been serving the needs of authors, writers, readers and book publicists since 2011.

How many extra customers will I get?

Unfortunately it is impossible to say exactly how many extra customers you will get from Twitter. Just as with a newspaper ad, you know your ad will be seen by readers but can’t quantify exactly how many will spend money with you. The benefit of Twitter though, is that your message will be seen numerous times per day, every day!

What are your Terms of Service?

Please go to our Terms of Service page for more info.

Have more questions?

Feel free to message us by using the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this page. We'll reply via email.