ContentMo Terms of Service

1. Order Completion: If you fail to give us the information required on the submission form, your account will be credited for the amount paid, and we can reschedule your order at your convenience.

2. Your Sales: We do not guarantee sales results. We do guarantee that we will deliver the social media posts as specified in your plan. We do not give refunds based on sales results, as it is up to readers to decide if they want to purchase a book we advertise, which is beyond our control.

3. Social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, change the rules about posting to their sites with short notice. In cases of posts that aren't posted to social media sites due to limitations, restrictions or changes imposed by any social media site, the ContentMo plan will be extended or a credit issued if requested.

4. While we will use commercially reasonable efforts to keep our posts running, the applications used may be unavailable from time to time for repairs, upgrades, routine and emergency maintenance, or other interruptions that that may be out of our reasonable control, including any outages of Third-Party Services or any related application programming interface (โ€œAPIsโ€) and integrations. Interruptions of Applications shall not serve as a basis to terminate your orders, subscriptions or demand any full or partial refunds or credits of prepaid and unused fees.

5. No Refunds: Refunds are NOT warranted based on your sales. We did the work by scheduling the posts. Your payment to us is for our time and access we give you to our social media followers via our social media posts. For annual subscriptions: We don't offer refunds for annual plans after 14 days following the first payment.

6. Your book complies with our Erotica / Objectionable Content Book Policy.

Thank you.