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Violet Sky

Death is only the beginning in this fast-paced, science fantasy novella.Caught in the fray of treachery and deceit, Dia Thorpe must unravel the mysteries of her past before her past unintentionally stabs her in the back. She is hurled into a peril fraught journey of incredible discoveries and evil twists. An interplanetary adventure to learn who she is, all the while avoiding the wrath of a God; a logic-bound being, driven by the will to end all suffering. Quickly.Who saved her from imprisonment...



Outer Sky

The human race is dwindling. Its grandeur all but forgotten. A majority of the great strides made in philosophy, art, technology, and science lay buried in the rubble of the past. Forgotten.Still some cruel spark of humanity remained, undaunted, determined to survive. For the first time in generations, and in secret men and women will be hurled to the stars. To where, and what does it mean to be human?Author's note: Hey all, Just wanted you, the reader, to know that this story has been revised a...