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Tucker's Way

Tucker's Way is the tale of Tucker and Ella who are forced to trust each other with their lives. Much like the characters portrayed by Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger in "Cold Mountain," they come from very different backgrounds and believe they have very little in common. But they soon find that they share a common link of abuse and neglect that continues to chain them to their past and will ultimately link them together.Raised by an abusive father and living on welfare in the south,...

Kobo Mini


Seamus Tripp & the North Star Witch

When Seamus Tripp, world traveler extraordinaire, is delayed by a blizzard during a business trip across the Minnesota prairie, he reunites with an old friend and together they make a chilling discovery: an Old World witch is in the country, enchanting local politicians! But when Seamus, aided by his charge Elie Doolittle and his nephew Gordon, attempts to break the spell of the witch, she turns her powers on them, unleashing ancient curses and a legion of Norse zombies. Bundle up for a showdown...