Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any long term contract?

No there isn’t. You are welcome to cancel your monthly payments at any time and your service will then continue until the end of that current monthly period. Of course, I’ll be working hard to get you more customers so that you don’t want to cancel at any time!

I don't have a Twitter account yet. Can you still help?

I certainly can. If you are choosing the Gold option, then I will set up a Twitter account for your business at no extra cost, and then as part of the monthly package I will grow your Twitter followers for you. If you prefer the Bronze or Silver option, then I can still set up a Twitter account for you at no extra cost, but you will need to get followers yourself.

I have a Twitter account but no followers. Will your service still work?

The way I will set up your tweets that will attract followers anyway, but in addition to this I would recommend that you either work to attract new followers, or let me do it for you with the Gold option.

My books cater to certain readers. Will your service still help me?

Very much so. I will tailor all of your tweets to make sure they are seen by people who read your type of books. People who are potential customers for your book(s).

How many extra customers will I get?

Unfortunately it is impossible to say exactly how many extra customers you will get from Twitter. Just as with a newspaper ad, you know your ad will be seen by readers but can’t quantify exactly how many will spend money with you. The benefit of Twitter though, is that your message will be seen numerous times per day, every day!

Who will create the Tweets that are sent out for me?

If you wish to create any tweets yourself that is fine. Otherwise I will look at any digital info you already have (website, Facebook page, etc.) as well as send you a short questionnaire to get some info about your business, and then create your tweets for you.

Can I discuss the possibilities and options with you?

Of course!  Just give me a call on 731-937-9737 and I’ll be happy to chat about the service.

How soon will you start tweeting for me?

Your tweets will usually begin within 72 hours of me receiving your order. This of course depends on me having access to info about your business that will allow me to create your unique and relevant tweets.

Can I see the tweets before they are tweeted?

I am very happy to send all of the tweets for your approval before they start to be tweeted.

In the Gold option, what does "Help to grow your Twitter followers" mean?

Twitter followers are people who have decided to follow your Twitter account so that they can see your tweets. In other words, people that want to hear from you. With the Gold option, I will be regularly finding new, interested, followers for you, so that your overall number of Twitter followers increases nicely over time, and so that more and more people see your tweets.

Can I start at the Bronze level and upgrade later?

I am happy for you to change to any level at any time.

How will you create tweets that are relevant to what i offer?

Once you place your order, I will send you a short questionnaire to get some info that I need for the first tweets. I’ll also ask you for any relevant photos that can be included in the tweets. I will also create tweets from information on your website, your book selling pages (Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, etc.), Facebook page etc, if you have them. I will then use all of the information to create your tweets.

Will you need access to my Twitter account?

Yes. To be able to tweet for you from your business Twitter account, I will need to be able to log in to the account. If at any time you decide to stop using my services though, you will just be able to change your password and I will no longer have access.

Can't I just tweet more myself to get more customers?

Yes, of course. Most authors and book publicists though, find that they start with good intentions but don’t have the time to keep up with the momentum after a few days. In reality, most people are too busy doing their business to have time to tweet numerous times per day. This service ensures that your tweets go out seven days a week, every week!