Interviews are stressful and you can never fully know what to expect. However, surprise questions are less likely than you think, and most interviews will contain a series of standard questions. Knowing how to answer them, and more importantly, how not to answer them should prepare you for a successful interview. This book will help you dazzle your interviewer and leave them a lasting impression. Ready to crush that interview? Let's get on with it!


Chapter 1: Common Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work for us?

  • Why is there a gap in your work history?

  • If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

  • And much more..

Pre-empting questions and answers can seem like a lot of work but the better prepared you are the more likely you will succeed.Chapter 2: How to Ask the Perfect Questions During an Interview ? We all know that interviews are about creating an impression and presenting the best version of yourself. Answering questions is a major part of a successful meeting but you can also guide the interview with pertinent questions of your own.During an interview you will be asked if you have any questions and replying “no” can make you seem disinterested. You run the risk of seeming ill-prepared and lacking the ability to think independently. Making sure you have several relevant questions prepared pre-interview will boost your confidence and help you discuss matters knowledgeably.Chapter 3: Behavioral Questions and How to Answer Them

How to Prepare for a Behavioral InterviewThe workplace is developing, and employers need candidates that not only look good on paper but are also adept in social situations. Soft skills are the difference between a good candidate and a great one. Soft skills are the individual qualities that make people easy to work with. Candidates with soft skills will be a better fit for any workplace so it is essential you show you possess a wide range of soft skills.Chapter 4: The Importance of Body Language

Things You Should Never Do At An InterviewAn interview is all about leaving the right impression. If you walk into a meeting, shake hands for a brief second and slump in your chair chances are you are souring their impression of you. Even if your responses are flawless the wrong body language can send negative signals and make sure you are dismissed even though you are a perfect candidate.In this chapter you'll find the right tips that will help you create a positive impression and project poise and confidence.

Enter the room with confidence and leave it with a job! You don't want to regret not getting this job .. I mean THIS BOOK!