THE UNTETHERED is a philosophical techno-thriller that spans the globe, weaving five seemingly unrelated characters into a web of impossible conflict and unlikely friendship. And while they battle against their own internal demons in an attempt to achieve their selfish pursuits, the self-righteous mobs of the world are closing in to stop them.

The characters:

Juvenile delinquent, Roble Santos, chases his radical vision to build the most controversial aircraft in history---but with the threat of betrayal, prison, and death all around, he's running out of time.

Political star, Alexandria Patra, rises to the delight of the masses---yet to help those most in need she must forever forget her childhood dream.

Rogue geneticist, Stock Brant, reinvents nature in order to save the very world he hates---unaware the price of his plan may be his own soul.

Tennis player, Nicolette Popov, employs precise mathematics and youthful spunk to become the best in the world---however, unwilling to follow the rules off the court, she risks everything she fought to achieve.

Manga artist, Danny Sands, goes to the ends of the earth to make his father proud---yet his obedience may end up costing him everything and everyone he's ever loved.

When all five lives collide beneath the streets of Las Vegas, each must make a choice---and none of them will ever be the same again.


"A thought-provoking novel that will appeal to fans of Atlas Shrugged."---BookBub.

The Untethered
By S.W. Southwick