She's a curvy baker who can’t see past her insecurities.

He's a detective determined to prove his affection.

Will this be a perfect recipe for romance or heartbreak?

Acclaimed baker, Charlotte, owns one of the most famous bakeries in Manhattan, the Sugar Cube. Her baking talents leave both men and women in awe, but secretly, Charlotte struggles with her curvy body, which she believes no man could love.

That is until she meets the delectable detective, Adam, who sees past the façade she presents to the world. Adam admires her talent, her drive, and her love for her bakery; and best of all, Adam thinks Charlotte is beautiful because of her curves, not despite them.

Soon, both Charlotte and Adam embark on a relationship that threatens to grow to more, but when Charlotte’s insecurities drown out the love she’s beginning to feel, will Adam be able to prove to her that he wants her, curves and all?