ADWON: A Day Without Nurses is a provocative, near-future portrayal of nursing’s plot to cure our national disgrace. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation failing to provide some form of universal access to healthcare. Those profiting from the inequitable system have always assumed an eighty-five percent female profession with four million lives in their hands would never strike to force change. They were wrong.

Lola Jepson is a fearless, street-smart woman recruited by a clandestine employer to become a persuasive avatar, "the face of ADWON." Lola shines during some impressive interviews. She captivates the media, and the controversial movement takes off. The same charismatic energy that motivates millions to back the movement attracts her mysterious and forbidden bodyguard–a perfect target for a strong woman torn between her desire for intimacy and her craving for conquest.

Robbi Hartford is a dedicated ER RN battling the new VP hired to cut costs. At the threat of losing her job, Robbi defies management's priorities by putting the needs of her patients above corporate profits. As ADWON gains momentum, Robbi learns there is no way to stay on the sidelines.

The two women discover they’re connected by more than an uncanny resemblance. Their paths converge as dangerous adversaries and unlikely heroes join the battle. When the countdown to A Day Without Nurses hits single digits, everyone must calculate the value of human life.

ADWON: A Day Without Nurses
By Robbi Hartford