This book is compiled with text, quotes and more than 50 professional photography images. Without light there is complete darkness. Light is the most important tool to a photographer but we also need Light in our lives in order to live radiant lives. The book is compiled into 3 sections. Seeing the Beauty. Capturing the Moment. Sharing the Light. 

Using a nature theme of flowers, wildlife and landscapes, natural lighting is discussed along with beauty in our surroundings and from within. The author shares how her family saw the beauty in old granaries to make a beautiful home. She also earned to live a radiant life though she faced many struggles as a child from adoption, poor vision, dyslexia, being left-handed, speech difficulties etc. 

SECTION 2 CAPTURING THE MOMENT uses a tropical theme of waves, trees and oceanscapes. Showing how to paint with light is then paralleled with life experiences and the importance of how words impacted a broken teenager and gave her the confidence to soar. The challenges of being adopted are discussed. If you have ever adopted a pet you will also appreciate this section. 

SECTION 3 SHARING THE LIGHT is the final section of the book and scenes from sunrise, sunset and black and white shots are shared. Flash lighting is the theme because of it's speed. The author then shares personal stories of her brother's final days and how rainbows are still painted for you and me today. 

Storms come and come quickly. Doubts come. Death captures the love of your life. If you are in a storm - you know what I am talking about. If you are not, this book is still for you. Events may be in your forecast and you can be prepared for the sting of the storm. The storm does pass and tomorrow can be a forecast full of sunshine, hope, faith, and promise. You can count on light to change your perspective, bring life into focus and help your goals come together just when you need it the most. 

If this book leaves you equipped to capture some great images by utilizing lighting techniques - great. If it helps you see the beauty in your own experiences - even better. If the personal stories and thoughts encourage and challenge you to capture the moment - fantastic. If you see that having the Light in your life can leave you living a radiant life - you will have received the message of the book.