Nothing Happens In Business Unless Something Is Sold. Yet, Most Business Owners Don’t Know How To Sell…

Sales Velocity is NOT about how to become a closer or a pushy sales person. Sales Velocity is a system for elegantly moving suspects to prospects and prospects to customers for life.

This book is based on Andrew Cass’s two decades of experience in the sales and marketing world, both before the rise of the Internet and during the Internet revolution. He refers to it as the old-school days and the new-school days. In combining and refining the best practices from both eras, Andrew has developed the Sales Velocity formula, a proven 3-part system for selling in the New Economy, certain to transform your business and accelerate your profits…

Inside, You Will Discover How To:

- Create systems and processes that lead to wealth creation not just income.
- Set up targeted lead generation campaigns so that you can attract your ideal customers or clients.
- Organize powerful multimedia selling systems that automate much of the sales process for you, giving you incredible leverage in your business. 
- Create impressive follow up tools that open the door to more referrals and more repeat business.
- Avoid wanna-be sales trainers and gurus who want to show you how to sell; yet they haven’t sold much of anything!

Andrew J. Cass is an accomplished sales professional and serial Entrepreneur, International best selling author, speaker, sought after sales strategist and business coach. His work has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.