Are you faced with the dreaded assignment of having to write your company’s HR Policies & Procedures Manual? Or even worse, you’ve been given the task of updating an unwieldy doorstop of a manual that’s been neglected for years?

Are you guilty of procrastinating on getting started because you perceive this as a mega-project? 

Or you have a sketchy idea of what to write but it’s all disjointed and incoherent, making it almost impossible to decide where to begin? 

If so, this easy-to-follow and action-oriented book is for people in HR who need to write an HR Policies & Procedures manual from scratch, or have to update one, but have no idea what to do and where to begin. 

Like any HR executive, you don’t really have enough time to set aside from your busy day-to-day schedule for writing a book-sized manual. 

Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manual makes myths and misconceptions about how difficult it is to write an HR manual defunct. 

Neither the project nor the manual need be of biblical proportions.Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manual leaves you with a slim, easy-to-manage and quick-to-maintain manual. 

This book gives you a proven and time-tested system with tips to optimize the writing and the effectiveness of your HR manual through a 7-step process that lets you: 



  • Compile, update, and maintain your HR Policies & Procedures Manual in a relatively easy way

  • Keep it obsolescence-free and ISO-compliant

  • Make it user-friendly with its simple numbering system

  • Have built-in strategies to make your manual effective

  • Make use of cutting edge technologies to make the writing process easier and faster

  • Make use of a very popular app to make the manual accessible on all computing devices

  • Follow the seven steps given in this book and by the end of seven days, you will have written, published and launched an obsolescence-proof, user-friendly and online-ready HR Policies & Procedures manual. 

    What’s stopping you from turning this so-called dreaded assignment into an opportunity to become a celebrity employee by authoring a high-quality, always current HR Policies & Procedures manual? 

    Purchase Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manualand you will write a manual your employees will like and follow!