Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 

I was ten years ago. That is why I made it my mission to get healthy and energized. Within Energy Tweaks, you will learn some startling information why this generation is so overwhelmed, stressed, fatigued and is currently so susceptible to chronic diseases. 

Most importantly I will give you the top ten energy tweaks that I personally used to get healthy and supercharge my energy levels. You will be able to easily meet the challenges of life. Within the book I explore precious eastern wisdom combined with cutting edge western scientific breakthroughs to take your life to the next level. If you implement these solutions and strategies, you will have an abundance of energy to play with your kids, fulfill your dreams and goals, live life with joy and abundance, increase athletic performance, excel at work and most importantly live with passion and purpose. 

Supercharge your energy and thrive in the modern world

The book will explore- 

1. the current biggest health challenges in the modern world today that are zapping your energy. 

2. my top ten energy tweaks that are my own personal tips and strategies for increasing energy levels, health and well- being

3. ways to increase energy through deep breathing exercises to oxygenate and energize the body and mind. 

4, the importance of hydration and it effects on increasing energy levels. 

5.the importance in maintaining a balance between acid and alkaline within the body for optimal energy

6. the building blocks of ATP or cellular energy and is role in increasing energy and athletic performance

7. We look at the Eastern approach to energy with the Treasures of Jing, Chi and Shen in Chinese Medicine and how to nourish these for radiant health. 

8. we dive into hacks and tweaks in nutrition that improve our ability to thrive and adapt in the modern world. 

9. we discover the importance of Chinese Tonic herbs and their role in increasing health, energy, vitality, adaptability and peace of mind. 

10. we highlight the importance of life purpose in creating a more heart-centered energized life filled with passion and purpose. 

About the author

Rory Bell is the founder of a health blog which simplifies and demystifies Nutrition, Chinese Tonic Herbs, Superfoods, Tao Yoga, Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine. His passions and interests also include meditation, wild foods organic farming, tai chi, ecological awareness, ethical consumerism, heart-centered living for planetary peace and harmony.