There is a new Bully in town and he's picking a fight...

In this stunningly illustrated fifth volume of Lapid and Pasek's award-winning picture book series, Dan and Snowman Paul find an ingenious way to deal with a very dangerous situation. The anticipation is mounting and the end result is quite surprising. Can Snowman Paul survive this incredible challenge?

"Watch out!" said Bill. "Nick's here to fight.

He'll face-off with your Paul, tonight!"

Word was out

About the bout.

They came by ground,

By sea,

By air,

For Snowman Duels are quite rare.

Get yourself and your little ones a front-row seat to witness a historic event unlikely to repeat itself very soon. The story line will encourage your children to push past their fears of bullies and find creative solutions to such challenges. The Amazing Snowman Duel is a perfect bedtime story. With catchy rhymes and simple vocabulary, the book is also ideal for beginner readers.

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