Snowman Paul Strikes a Chord!

Snowman Paul wants to be a rock star! He practices day and night and no one gets any rest... Will Dan put an end to Paul's musical quest or will he join his snowman in this amazing musical adventure?

And then Paul sang and I must say
I wished that I were far away...
I had to stop him in the middle.
"Hey, Paul," I said. "Here is your fiddle!"

Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall
, is the fourth volume in the multiple award-winning Snowman Paul book series. Fast paced and stunningly illustrated by Joanna Pasek, this series carries great messages for kids - don't cheat, apologize when you do wrong, make up for your mistakes, don't allow bullies to intimidate you, love nature, be respectful of others and, above all, pursue your dreams and don't be easily discouraged. 

The lessons embedded in Snowman Paul adventures can be enjoyed by any age, but preschool and kindergarten children will especially love them. They are perfect for both cold winter days and warm summer times. They are great bedtime stories and ideal for beginner readers. They make beautiful gifts and they will show you how much fun winters can be if you let loose your imagination.

Want to experience great winter time fun? Join Dan and Snowman Paul in this exciting musical adventure.

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