"A gem of a comic novel"

Imagine that patriarchy had never happened . . .

In the Kingdom of Pergamon, some 3,800 years ago: The wacky story of a boy in a woman's world. Brendan is an object of desire (nice). But still an object (mrgh). Princess Rose thinks he's pretty cute. Brendan thinks . . . well, the sorts of things boys think.
    Princess Rose is the absolute ruler of Pergamon. She has power of life and death over every single one of her subjects. She could take any pretty boy she fancied into her bed. Only she can't. Because of the awful curse she inherited with her crown. Until that curse is lifted, she has to remain virgin (talk about awful!). She suspects she may be the last one in the kingdom, except maybe for Brendan. Are they destined for each other? Maybe, but only if he remains pure.
    Meanwhile, Brendan has found a place in the royal stables. This is rare because boys aren't really meant to have positions of responsibility. Boys are objects, remember? The other twenty-nine grooms are all girls. They think he's cute too. Any one of them could seduce him because, honestly, how could a mere boy resist? But if even one of them has her way with him, disaster looms. Worse still are the soldiers of Pergamon's army, all women, all beautiful, all itchy for conquest. The conquest they have in mind is Brendan. They lick their lips whenever he passes by.

Keep your eyes on the prize, Brendan: the prize is Princess Rose.