Jeb wants a family. Zach wants to find gold. Juan wants revenge.

Jeb and Zach wanted a normal life after spending 3 years in a Union POW camp.
Miguel Cortiña kidnapped a 14-year-old Texas girl, carrying her to Mexico
Two Civil War veterans, Jeb & Zach, waded across the Rio to bring her home.
They recover the young girl while killing Miguel and his gang in a bloody battle to free her.

Problem is Miguel’s brother, Juan Cortiña, is a General in Mexico—with a 2,500 man Army.
Jeb and Zach rescued Jeb’s niece because it was the right thing to do—she was family.
But that’s what Miguel’s older brother Juan said, “It’s an insult to my family! To my country!”
“Those gringos cannot come into my country and kill my brother. I’ll have my revenge!”

What chance do Jeb and Zach have against a 2,500 man Army?
Who will help them when the U.S. government wants Juarez to defeat the French in Mexico?
Once again, Jeb and Zach face impossible odds, and Jeb’s fresh out of dynamite!

Read Juan’s Revenge, the 3rd book in the Jeb and Zach book series.