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Forever A Pirate, Volume 1, books 1-5
Plus the bonus of Miranda’s Passions, Book One
The volume includes the first 5 books of the 30 book epic. From a storm tossed Caribbean, where pirate Captain Jake finds Miranda, the time traveling witch through the ripening of their relationship. All the while fighting to save those they love and each other. Starting with an evil sorceress, to a mad Irishman, machinations of an ambitious Frenchman, an enemy in their home port and finally, to a place of vast decisions. 

1,352 pages, approx. 534,215 words, Adult Pirate Fantasy, Piratepunk
Book 1-5 of 30 books
The Series – Forever A Pirate

Forever A Pirate is an exciting, mystical journey across time. These sizzling novels takes place under the Caribbean sun, surrounded hot pirates, tall ships and cruises full of long, dark nights. This ocean is dominated by Hollywood pirates, a congenial populace, and magic, for good and evil. Passion lingers in the very air of this world, and

Featuring Miranda, a time traveling sexual witch, who stumbles upon this world and decides to stay after meeting Jake Reynard: dashingly clever, a pirate who dominates his profession, experienced and willing to provide Miranda with her greatest need, sensual energy. 

This is the role Jake is born for. 

This scorching relationship runs through the entire 30 volume series. Using what is unorthodox, unexpected and unknown is a role Jake and Miranda play with great success. With authentic charm and deliberate calculation, they captivate the population of the Caribbean, pirate and gentle, building a home filled with allies and shelter. 

Challenged again and again, they work together to overcome and rise above the evil surrounding them. Warned that they are magnets for nefarious forces, they make their home at a nexus of magic, determined to protect what they love; friends, family, crewmates and most of all, each other. 

Sometimes the hardest enemy to defeat is within the heart of the one you love. 


“Readers who fall under this “Caribbean Spell” will be hugely entertained!” ~ InD’Tales Magazine

“Pirates, love, magic, and the Caribbean; what more could you ask for?” ~ Paperback Dolls

“This is the first book in a series--full of wild adventure, time travel, fantasy, magic, great characters, and intelligent plot developments and twists.” ~ BJ Hooper
Forever A Pirate – Pirates! Romance! Adventure! Oh, my! 
1) A Caribbean Spell
2) Red Sean’s Revenge
3) The French Gambit
4) Magic’s Hostage
5) The Hard Choices
6) The Spanish Challenge
7) The Blood Tears
8) A Desperate Course
9) Summoned Home
10) The Lurking Menace
11) Ruby
And many, many more to come! 

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