Rifts Book 1 & 2
By Gary Martin

A man named Kraskin suddenly and violently appears in the small town of New Falls. He falls to the ground and fights for consciousness. A black dog appears in front of him. He is afraid that the dog is going to attack him, but then sees that it is more fascinated by a small ball of light hovering a few feet above the ground. At once the light drops down and disappears inside the dog. 

Reverend Ezekiel Powell is looking over the renovation to a mansion that he has recently acquired. This is to be a house for a special group of people that the reverend chooses for his warriors for God. The house is not very far from where Kraskin has appeared. After his inspection of the work an explosion goes off breaking the glass near where he is standing. 

Later, while sitting on his back porch Reverend Powell spots a light near the edge of some woods. He goes to investigate. 

Robert Trimball, a professor at a nearby college gets a phone call from Kraskin asking to meet him. Robert is hesitant, but agrees. After talking to him he is astounded by what Kraskin reveals to him. 

Justin Reynolds has come back home to decide if he wants to continue a sagging boxing career. He had had thoughts of going on vacation to do some thinking but a dream he has persuades him to come back to New Falls. While in New Falls he meets a woman he falls in love with. She has a young child that he also falls in love with. Little does he know at the time, but soon he will be fighting for the child's life. 

Elliot Barnett was once a prominent Pastor in town. Many people knew him because of his gift of healing. But he gave that up when his wife died. She was the most important person in his life. Her death devastated him, mostly because he could heal others, but not her. For a long time he was angry with God. Lately, however, strange things have been happening to draw him back to God. He feels as though he has a mission, but is unsure how to pursue it. 

Sheriff Barry Banes is frustrated by the sudden animal attacks by a large dog. He organizes a hunting party to kill the dog but it is unsuccessful. Then, to make matters worse there is a kidnapping. Then another. 

Tack Lorne, a deacon at Reverend Powell's church, is called in for an early meeting with the reverend. Little does he realize the horrible ordeal he is about to face. 

Sheriff Barry Banes pursues a lead that leaves him fighting for his life.