Do Yoga Every Damn Day
By Daniel Wallen

Do Yoga Every Damn Day for Health, Fitness, and Stress Relief

Yoga isn't reserved for gyms and studios. You can do yoga at the park, under the stars, and even in your bedroom floor. 

Don't let your mind make yoga sound complicated. It's as simple as taking the first step. "Do Yoga Every Damn Day" reveals: 

• What Stress and Zombies Have in Common
• 5 Really Good Reasons to Start a Yoga Practice
• 6 Yoga Philosophies That Changed Me on a Deep Level
• 7 Things Mindful People Do Differently to Feel Less Anxious
• How Yoga Taught Me to Be a Positive and Productive Person
• How Yoga Helped Me Cope with Poor Habits and Weird Compulsions
• How to Calm Down in Less Than a Minute with 1 Simple Breathing Exercise
• 12 Things You Need to Know about Yoga: Myths, Health Benefits, and Actionable Tips

As an Amazon reviewer said: "Author Daniel Wallen writes in a very reader-friendly manner that makes you feel like you are sitting with him in the room. Definitely a must-buy!" 

If you want to start a home yoga practice, you're in the right place. Beginner? That's okay. Yoga poses may be modified for any shape or size. Did I mention yoga is fun? True story. 

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