A little someTHING for everyone. Zombies, witches, goblins, vampires, werewolves, leviathans, ghosts, deMOMs, and other horrifying monsters of the human kind.

A good deed turns deadly.

A punk gets schooled by a wise man.

A home invader gets shut out.

A boy learns there's plenty to fear besides fear itself.

A Father fails to save a man's soul.

A woman's Mr. Right turns out to be a real beast.

A fisherman hooks the catch of a lifetime.

A mother comes face to face with her demoms.

A woman names her unborn children.

A man exterminates more than bugs.

A sleepwalking child is a mother's true nightmare.

A homeless man loses his head for a beautiful doctor.

*Warning* Many of the following stories contain sensitive subject matter, language, and mature sexual situations unsuitable for younger readers. Intended for adults 18 and older.