Book Description

Publication Date: May 10, 2014

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They say in death, your life flashes before your eyes like pictures in an old movie reel. That had never happened for her. 

Stubborn and defiant enough to cheat death . . . 

Keeping her resurrection a secret from the world is easy to do for demon hunter Sophie Sinclair. Her life depends on her living in the shadows, a ghost hunting demons in the night to fulfill a contract that can free her from a past mistake. 

Wanting to feel alive to the touches and kisses of a man . . . well, it’s an experience she’d rather not go through again in this lifetime. One unforgivable act of betrayal had been enough for her to swear off men. Until sexy, ex-homicide detective Ryan Campbell drops in on her supernatural existence. He’s a man with a very dangerous proposition for her. A private investigator with his own dark secrets. Secrets that can rip their world and her heart to pieces. 

How far will Sophie and Ryan go for duty and freedom, family and love? And will the truth set them free?