Book Description

Publication Date: April 7, 2015

What Will You Find In This Book?

A lot of fresh ideas on ingenious ways to make and save, “Just a little more money”; in just30 Days! An extra $1,000 dollars, in just one month; is it really possible? Yes, it is -- I’ve done it, and I’m excited to help you find out how you can do it too! These are time-tested, proven, and practical techniques that can help you make extra cash right now! 

Are you tired of searching for financial independence and economic freedom? Tired of seeking answers to the frustration of not having enough money to enjoy the things you like month after month? Are you looking for the freedom to pursue your goals and take advantage of every opportunity that life has to offer? 

I’ll bet you are …. Let me show you how you can obtain some of the things that you have always wanted out of life, including; that “Dream Vacation” , a weekend get-away or a “Rainy Day Account”, to spend now, or whenever you would like. 

This book has it all! It is jam packed with dozens of ideas that will help propel you towardenjoying life to its fullest and spark the kind of “real life”solutions necessary for financial independence and savings success. 

The “Just A Little More Money” eBook includes:

Over a dozen fresh ideas that will help finance your dream vacation or anything else you want out of life. 

Simple money management solutions designed to help you take control of your budget and manage your everyday life more efficiently. 

So what are you waiting for; move on to the next page for the intro on how you too can make extra cash by doing simple things that require a very low investment of time and that have the high yield potential that you’ve always been looking for. 

Don’t hesitate; buy “Just a little more money” today! This is the lifeline you’ve been looking for to put you on the road to financial independence and get your financial house in order. Let’s get started right away! Be proactive and take action now! It’s all up to you!