Book Description

Publication Date: February 19, 2014

Careers after Graduation: Surviving In The Real World

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Here is a mini introduction about this book: 
College does not prepare you for the real world. Of course, you go to college to earn a degree which you can put into good use once you graduate or once you get yourself a job. However, college education does not provide for the blanks that you need to fill up as you step on the threshold of your life after graduation. You might think you have been equipped well in school to be able to fare well in the real world, but think again. You might be bringing with you the name of your prestigious college when you apply for work, as well as you’re a+ grade. They will work on your favor but not at all times. When you go out to the real world, it takes more than that to survive and blend in or get to the top. There is a whole wide world of career opportunities for you out there. Depending on the degree you earned and your aspirations, you can readily start on one of these career paths. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... 
- Self Assessment 
- Job Hunting Skills 
- How To Get That Interview 
- Acquire Teamwork Skills 
- Reality Check 
And Much Much More!