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Publication Date: January 2, 2014

Be all that you can be - Personal Marketing - an Amazon Best Seller

Learn how to use the Five Step model for personal and business success
I have been living the dream of doing whatever I want for nine years!
Can you?
No, actually you can't. Only gifted people like me can.
I am just teasing you. Of course, you can do it. This is what Personal Marketing: Marketing the Impossible is all about.

How to be your own boss, rich and successful? How do make the bold move ahead?

***  You don't need to have lots of money to start
***  Learn the Powerful, Magical secret of the Five Steps

How to use the Five step model to get AMAZING results in your business and personal life?

***  People tell you not to follow through on your dreams, learn how to ignore them. How do you learn to listen to the right people?
***   In Personal Marketing: Marketing the Impossible I have given a step by step model, based on an extensive COACHING AND CONSULTING experience

Want to know how to market the impossible TWICE EFFECTIVELY

***  Stephen Covey (7 habit) communicates with a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE model to change how people operate. I have revealed this POWERFUL secret of the process and where the model fits.

Personal Marketing: Marketing the Impossible

Includes Five steps to move you away from the comfort zone to CHANGE
***  I have shown why it is dangerous for you to remain in the comfort zone- I have busted the safety of the Comfort Zone

How do you maintain direction from start to end?

***  PERFECT - time to start with the actual work!
***  How do you believe in yourself?
***  What are the stories you have to let go off?
***  What is UnProjecting and why is it important?
***  What do you do with DELAY fish?