Carrie's Gift
By Michael Lister

Book Description

Publication Date: October 19, 2012

Love Romance?

Then you’ll love CARRIE'S GIFT

Award winning and best selling mystery/thriller author Michael Lister tries his hand a romance and it is extraordinary.

˃˃˃ Michael Lister takes a poetic view to his novel. His words skip on waters of the imagination like well-polished stones. - Michael Connelly

Michael Lister is a terrific writer, a poet whose writing is rich, evocative and muscular. - Marcus Sakey

A sweet, profound, wildly romantic love story between two former classmates and almost lovers during Christmas at the funeral of a childhood friend.

This story is unbelievably strong filled with such tenderness and love. A touching love story that will rock your senses, but don't forget the tissues.