Original. Authentic. Powerful. Bestselling author. Peace worker. Mother. Lover. Daughter. Friend. Insightfully flawsome human. Annoyingly sarcastic. Light bringer. Dreamer. Playfully serious. Learning addict. Voracious reader. Proud nerd. Budding activist. Independent spirit. Amateur diver. Chocoholic. Wine lover. Strawberry devour-er. Fun seeker. Planner of spontaneity. Traveler and... always looking forward to more to come!

Holding the vision to see every man, woman and child living the highest and best expression for their lives, Lori Anne strives to be a living example of overcoming, rising above, and learning to turn lemons into lemonade (except she can’t drink any because it’ll give her heartburn).

Her writing career began at just 10 years old when she was paid to help write letters to clients for a family member’s business. Lori Anne fell in love with the written word in her journals, but discovered their real power through business communications, academic research, author coaching and finally, publishing. Her first short memoir piece was published in the international bestselling compilation, Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age (download Lori Anne's chapter for FREE from her website at

Original, authentic and powerful are not just a cute, catchy phrase. They are the central values upon which Lori Anne strives to live. They demand openness, vulnerability, and courage, and her writing reflects these values along with an occasional bit of sarcasm and saltiness for flavor.

Lori Anne is a Bestselling Author and Certified Life Coach, and holds degrees in English Literature, Women’s Studies, Organizational Communications and Leadership.