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Book Description

Sam Redwood, legendary womanizer and international health guru, has suffered a financial setback in the form of a takeover from the evil White family. Kira, a foul-tempered academic on the other side of the world, is quietly eating herself to death. Join a host of characters from the alternative health industry as they struggle against market forces in the course of living eventful lives.

Unfolding over five years, the novel touches on some of the more amusing elements of life in the health and public speaking business before addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time - how to ensure that industry budgets do not determine individual belief in the absence of regulation?

Taking a balanced view of the world of raw vegans whilst pointing out the inadequacies of unregulated markets, this book will astonish and entertain as you meander through scenes from the lives of a range of seemingly disparate yet interconnected characters.

A lighthearted parody with a serious underlying message, this book will make you think about how much you are influenced by the subtext of advertising whilst entertaining you with amusing scenes from the lives of extraordinary people.