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NEW from JOHN MEDLER, Author of Quatrain, the book voted #1 in Fiction & #1 Overall in 2011! THE SEARCH FOR THE FOUNTAIN: History Professor Charlie Winston is on the verge of a discovery which will alter the history books forever -proof that America was not named after Amerigo Vespucci. As he searches for clues to America's past, he stumbles upon an even greater discovery - the location of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Piecing together clues from centuries-old ship logs and maps, he and his friends must withstand the mythical Trials of Xibalba and unlock ancient Mayan riddles to find the magical healing water that cures all ills. DEADLY VIRUS: Meanwhile, Winston's wife Murielle, a scientist at the CDC, is busy battling an airborne strain of the Ebola virus that has been unleashed by terrorists at the World Cup soccer matches in Brazil. As the virus threatens to kill millions of Americans, the only hope may be the special healing water from the Island of Boyuca...