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So What! Stories or Whatever!

by G J Griffiths


 to my teacher for living well" – Alexander the Great

Any kid growing up spends the longest hours of his young life outside his own home in a school. So it's no wonder schools are often referred to as second homes and teachers as sort of parental figures. And even though we experience a lot of rich emotions in our homes, nothing compares to the unique and specia

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It is very rare for me to post a review on Amazon but after reading this book I thought the author deserved so much credit and I wanted to encourage others to read it.

I was told that this was intended to be series of stories but when I read it seemed structured more like a novel, albeit with individual anecdotes included here and there. The book tells the tale of a man, Robert Jeffrey, who sets out to prove to himself (and his father under whose shadow he always seems to be) that he ca

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Griffiths writes with a light hearted style that is not only easy to read but uniquely entertaining. This collection of stories is about students, their parents and the instructor who teaches them, and there is something here for everyone.

I am a long time homeschooler so this book was especially intriguing to me. I grew up taking part in a traditional education and much of this book made me nod my head