More Assurance, Spiritual Joy and Eternal Peace in Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit ! !

Brother Dave A Jesusonian

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Have more assurance, spiritual joy and eternal peace in living faith in the unconditional love and lavish mercy of our Father God as revealed by our Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit ! This unique, gloriously inspiring book has selected highlights and extensive comments explaining and contrasting intellectual belief leading up to living faith which is a free Gift to all humans from our Father God to our souls and minds.

The author is a trans-denominational, trans-ecclesiastical, Spirit of Truth-led, Jesusonian Christian who has changed his former vocations in science and technology to his eternal avocation of sharing the supernal and new Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ to all humans. He has extensively studied, taught and published on this topic and related spiritual and theological subjects for over thirty-seven years to date.