"A Murder in Harlem"

The first short mystery story in the continuing saga of amateur detective Miriam Obadah, a woman from Ghana who lives in Harlem with her husband, Kofi, and co-wife, Nana. Download the anthology for other good reads. Five of the 11 stories in the anthology appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.


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Solume Solutions: I Love You. Thank You. Forgive Me. I'm Sorry.

At some point in your life, you've probably said "I Love You," "Thank You," "Forgive Me" or "I'm Sorry" to someone. But what happens when you realized you should have said these words, but didn't. For these authors, they understood the magnitude of these words and believed it was not too late to let those they loved know how they feel. You too will feel the impact of these simple words through each individual narrative. You may even be inspired to follow their lead and utter them to someone important.