When ultimate fangirl Kirsten meets her dream crush Tom, sparks more than fly. But life on the receiving end of nonstop media attention is much different from life drooling over pictures and interacting with social internet. This couple will test the boundaries of 'fairy tale' to create a reality unlike any experienced before and possibly find true love really can have a happily-ever-after.

I’m not whom everyone thinks. The person I am is not the actor on the movie screen. I made this life, this name, to escape an existence I didn’t want. Life suited me until she bloody well dropped into my lap. She's the first real person I've met. Now I can’t let her go. Can she see the man? Will she be able to handle the constant spotlight and worse, frantic, relentless media? What are her motives? Does she want me, the man or me, the megastar? Do we have a future? Or will I be forced to choose between the love I can't give up and the life I've fought to build?

The star of every woman’s sexual fantasy wants only me. My ultimate fan girl heart's desire made tangible. Sexy, funny, caring, he's all I ever imagined and more. One desperate moment, an incredible night, and now I'm a wife! I couldn't have pictured a more perfect existence. But somehow this is far from a dream. he wants me to give up my goals to live in his world. He won’t sacrifice his ambition for me. My brothers loathe him. My best friend doesn't trust his motives. Why won't he introduce me to his parents, to his family? Just who is the man behind the actor? Everywhere we go reporters mob us and cause life-threatening danger. I don't think I can deal. But I can't let him go. What are we going to do?