I know where Forrest Fenn buried his treasure. This ebook lays out how I came up with it and where it is. Just to make sure of it I actually went up there and checked it out for myself. For those that know about, every single clues matches, I am more sure than ever that this really is the place. I've brought back a lot of pictures and added them to make it easier. Why don't I go in a grab it. Even though I'm younger than Fenn, the 6 mile round trip just to make it to the creek, almost killed me.If Fenn carried it in there then I'm in worse shape than Fenn. And that gives me no pleasure, I assure you. As it is in a National Park, I am going to look into the possibilities of either chartering a helicopter in or renting a horse to go in on. Or maybe I could team up with some young guy or guys with young legs and young lungs. I don't know, but even now I haven't completely given up on the idea.