When Aidoneus, god of the underworld, lost Persephone, he lost everything. He fled to the mortal world, where he's buried himself in his work. Nothing else could distract him from the pain...until his company hires a new accountant.

Kora is brilliant with numbers and undeniably attractive. But there's more to her than that. She makes Aidoneus feel again, makes his powers act up in ways they haven't in years. And his family is suspicious: could Kora be a Titan, the age-old enemy of the Greek gods? The very same people responsible for Persephone's death?

Aidoneus and his family aren't the only ones interested in Kora: the Watchers, ancient guardians of Olympus, have been waiting. And now, they're preparing for war.

Kora must choose between the friends she trusts and the man she loves. And Aidoneus must choose between the only family he's ever known and the woman who feels like home. The right choice could bring peace to their world–if they have the strength to make it.

The Scarlet Romance is a full-length paranormal romance featuring Olympians, Greek gods, unbelievable fight scenes, and a fated romance that will leave you spellbound.