Niko, a carpenter from the island nation of Malta, has come to America to marry Ms. Parker, an American psychology professor, who has once taken a holiday in his village.  Niko, pursues his search for Ms. Parker in a snow-ridden New York and beyond. And his search takes him through a series of extraordinary encounters and adventures in which his charming innocence is set against the American Dream.



“All Dreamers Go To America is an excellent book.  The subtle parody of "Modern America" is punctuated wonderfully. The harsh, episodic experiences of the hopelessly naive Niko evokes the kind of surrealism of Kafka's Amerika. 

Niko's trip to America brings to mind the wanderings of Candide, or Don Quixote in search of his Jungian Dulcinea.” Adam Engel/ USA

“It is impossible to dislike this dreamer. One cares about him and one wishes to keep him company in his solitary adventure in America.  An America as described by Ana Ingham seems different from what one imagines. We, discover America from the perspective of a dreamer. “Christine Roudier/ France