Are you ready to learn how to kiss? That probably sounds funny to a lot of people, but there are ways to kiss better and to increase your enjoyment with your partner. These tips include areas all over the body. This is great for couples who want some new ideas to restore the passion with your partner and add variety to your love life. 

Do you remember those long make out sessions with your partner? Times when you are both turned on from head to toe, breathing deep with anticipation and ready for oh so much more. That is what this report provides - sharing many places you can kiss on your lover's body and tips on ways to tantalize, titillate and seduce your partner's entire body. 

What People Are Saying

I thoroughly enjoyed How to Kiss From Head to Toe. Knocked my socks off! There were great techniques that I used on my lover with renewed gusto. Brought back feelings of long make out sessions back in high school when we would lay in each others arms in the cool breeze of the afternoon sun and just kiss and explore. - Pam S


This author gets it. She has written a book that in this readers opinion covers a lost art. We all remember those make out sessions on the couch of our parents house back when we were in high school. Remember how HOT it was well this book brings it all back. There is definitely an art to kissing, not to mention where it can lead. It is nice to know that there are those of us still out there that understand this. I would recommend this book to anyone that remembers the art of kissing and how it feels to be kissed like everyone should be kissed. – “canatve” on Amazon


This fun little missive serves as a reminder that intimacy is a sacred gift and should be savored and celebrated. The author does a wonderful job in giving vivid examples of how to kiss, and what makes kissing anywhere and everywhere so enjoyable, for both the giver and receiver (and optimally, in many instances, mutual beneficiaries!).

We can all certainly use the occasional loving tap on the shoulder from time to time urging us to turn off the cell phone, turn off the TV and spend all night ‘getting to know your lover all over again’.

What better way to do that than to start with covering their entire body in slow, deliberate, smoldering kisses?

So, OK. I'm not a true prude. Pretty liberal actually. But I worried that this might booklet might be a bit racey for my blood. I mean, it does carry an "adult content" disclaimer. 

Instead I found heartfelt and down-to-earth advice for caring adults. This book isn't big, but it does what it should for those who want (or are in) a loving relationship. I felt I could trust the authors and--truly--I don't think any adult will find anything in it that will make them feel uncomfortable, and many will find a whole lot of ideas to bring some spark to the physical side of love. I mean, elbow kissing? Don't laugh. It's worth a try! Buy it and share it with someone you love. It's sure to get at least a great conversation going! 


This book will certainly enlighten many,.... it will certainly get you to rethink and return to an art that too many of us have let slip away from our loving over the years. This book will help you rekindle old practices and add new ones to your partner's delight! - Othniel J. Seiden "Otti"


I never really thought about the benefits of reading a book on kissing. When I read this e-book, I was surprised to find out how little I really knew about how to increase the joy and pleasure of my partner’s and my own satisfaction. An interesting part of the book for me was to learn where to kiss and the responses that your partner receives from those certain areas of the body. The author suggested so many places to kiss that I never even considered. Her tips to a great kiss were very good and helpful. The colorful pictures and larger print made the reading both easier and more enjoyable.

By Cathy Sewell,