Once in a rare while, a contemporary love story is written that captures our imagination that it becomes an exhilarating experience. Return to Cameron Country is such a book. It is a triumph of how passion can be reckless and at the same time fiercely amazing. It is a tale that moves us to the pathos of fears and tears and along with it, joy and laughter. 

At 40, Captain Bryce Mabo Cameron, an Australian Special Forces and a single father, met an elfin American beauty, Belle. She came to his world and rocked it. Unexpectedly, he did likewise, such that she felt compelled to be with him, a man she hardly knew but with whom she was hopelessly in love. 

Daringly, 25-year old Belle left cosmopolitan New York to be with Bryce in the scorching heat of Australia's Gulf Savannah. 

Cameron Country was dry and dusty, prone to cyclones and full of wild life she never even knew existed. From working as a forensic accountant in a high-rise to marrying a man who could only be described as a warrior and a romantic dreamer, her life went from mundane to turbulent in one fell swoop. 

Would the beautiful Belle cope with it all? 

Or is she in for a world of regret?