Fragments of Tom
By J. H. Wallder

Everyone wanted a piece of Tom. Kate certainly did. She reckoned just one more night and it would have been a different story. If she could have rekindled his childhood infatuation she would have made sure he put in for an Officer’s commission. Maybe then he wouldn’t have died a foot soldier’s death in 1944 crouching behind a doomed Mk. 4 Churchill tank. 

Vera had Tom to herself for two whole years. Or so she thought. She bore him twin sons though he went to his warrior’s grave never knowing. But if he never knew, who was the faceless spectre in the shadows at his eldest son’s wedding? 

Then there was Tom’s mother Flo. She simply couldn’t let him die. She’d struggled too hard as a lone parent in the hungry 1930s to let him go. Their paranormal relationship continued for 40 years after his earthly death. 

This story puts the fragments together - and discovers the true persona of Tom Harman.