Discovery only happens when routine is broken, alterations made. Impulse urges are followed straight over the bridge, dove deep into the abyss. An uncertain left turn is where one finds themselves. Sa'yexh Johnson travels the bridge of routine, comforted by its never changing landscape. One day she spots its edge. 
And just like a bored fool, she jumps for it

Sa'yexh knows there are things, creatures, humanoid beings like us—but not like us at all that exist. Sure, she's aware, but who cares when you got bills to pay? Sa'yexh embraces her circular life of sameness. To her—it was the least the world could offer after the crappy hand she was dealt. Ever since the day she was abandoned on a stranger's porch, she's been doing the most to run from herself and catch up with her mama. 

But she couldn't abandon the girl no one wants, since she is that girl. Monotony is what she chose to quiet her growing disappointment and dissatisfaction. Awake, shower, eat, work, then sleep. Rinse and repeat. Her family, coworkers, and neighbors follow routine behavior, which enables Sa'yexh to do the same. 
What happens when a fella in her atmosphere breaks routine and approaches her? Sa'yexh is ushered into a world she never had a desire to know. Theo scares this woman out of her skin, not because he's otherworldly, but because he loves her too thoroughly. And the man is ready to jump worlds and boundaries to prove it.