Morgan Battle grows up in the shadow of the Bastion, the barrier between what remains of civilization and the void.

A wall of titanium climbing over four-thousand feet tall, the Bastion is the world’s grandest structure and all that’s left to protect America’s East Coast from the ocean, which has become humanity’s most dreaded monster. Global climate change and fracking have reshaped the Earth’s landscape and raised the Atlantic over a thousand feet. The Bastion has held steady against the abyss for over seventy years.

Morgan lives in the slums at the base of the colossal structure and he’s been chosen by its mysterious architect for a secret experiment, known as Strix. He meets the two other fourteen-year-old subjects, beautiful but brooding Callista and Lucas, a bullied boy afflicted with a puzzling and incurable illness. The experiment brings their lives together in extraordinary ways as they race to solve a frightening mystery and stop something sinister on the horizon.

Christopher Rankin’s fourth novel is a story of love, loss and revenge in a world facing its end.

Break the Bastion
By Christopher Rankin