At just 4 years old, Evelyn Gundrum’s happy world is turned upside down.

Abandoned by her mother and eventually shipped to an orphanage run by the terrifying Sister Honora, Evelyn grows up amidst hardship and heartbreak, plagued by unresolved emotions that pursue her into adulthood.

Spanning the years leading up to Great Depression through World War II, Evelyn Evolving is the real-life story of a girl seeking answers amongst a sea of questions. Will a mysterious letter from her mother change her fate? Does she reunite with elder sister Viola, her only source of comfort? Will she eventually find romance with steely blue-eyed Russell Van Gilder? Does her uncertain path to self-discovery ultimately lead her to happiness?

To find out, get your copy of Maryann Miller’s new biography, 'Evelyn Evolving – A Story of Real Life,' right now.


Evelyn Evolving is a heartfelt story of one woman’s journey through some of life’s most difficult trials, a coming-of-age that readers won’t soon forget. Maryann Miller captures the spirit of a woman who refuses to be defeated with great tenderness and, what’s more, enduring hope. — Kristy Woodson Harvey, bestselling author of Slightly South of Simple