In Making the Switch, mom of 3, Alison Brown gives you permission to take your needs, hopes and dreams down from the shelf they’ve been collecting dust on since you became ‘mom’ and start putting them first - and not just permission, she’ll show you how to do it, guilt free.

Making The Switch from burnt out, out of shape, short tempered, and last on your own priority list to the energetic, fit, healthy mom you deserve to be is just pages away.

This book is for the moms out there who have lost themselves and wonder where they went, where their pre-baby body went, where their time went, and where their own happiness went.

The coming pages are for the moms out there who are tired and not the kind of tired a good night’s sleep can fix, the kind of tired that goes deep down into your soul and makes every day fell like an uphill battle.

It’s for the moms who are stressed, sad, lonely, frustrated, depressed, out of shape and trying so hard to still pour even though their cup is empty.

It's for the moms who move the world for their children but have guilt lifting a finger or taking a moment for themselves.

If this is you, being a mom doesn't have to be this way, not even for one more day. It's time to enjoy life with kids rather than just try to survive it. It's time to get your body in shape once and for all and have a healthy relationship with fitness, food and above all, yourself.

Alison shares her deeply personal struggles and how she managed to overcome them in an effort to help you do the same.

Making the Switch will help you look and feel your very best, get your body back without dieting and live your best life with kids.

Being the greatest version of yourself starts with putting yourself first and this book will help you do just that.