S.A.S.S. A covert unit of Security Specialists tasked with bringing down GRID, an international organization of black-market brokers of intelligence, weaponry systems, and technology run by the diabolical Thomas Kunz, who will do anything to anyone anywhere to destroy America.

Captain Maggie Holt, the rookie of the S.A.S.S. Unit, faces a trial-by-fire mission when nemesis mastermind, Thomas Kunz, and his GRID organization plan a capabilities exhibition, releasing a deadly virus in the South’s largest shopping mall on Christmas Eve.

Dr. Justin Crowe has developed an antidote to the virus, but to be effective, it must be administered within two minutes of exposure, and it hasn’t yet been field tested.

Working together, can Maggie and Justin stop the attack? Even aided by an entire team of S.A.S.S. unit operatives, their odds are deemed slim, and Maggie fears Thomas Kunz will turn a joyous holiday into a grief-stricken day of national mourning. She and Justin will do all they can, but will it be enough to thwart the diabolical enemy of S.A.S.S. from success in Operation Stealing Christmas?